Hollow Coves' Five Tips To A Slower Life

1 March 2024 | 1:39 pm | Hollow Coves

To celebrate the release of their new album, 'Nothing To Lose', Hollow Coves have given The Music readers what we all need: some suggestions to live a slower life.

Hollow Coves

Hollow Coves (Credit: Catherine Bernier)

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Spend time in nature

Life can be so noisy these days with so much happening around us all the time. If we get a moment of silence, we can just reach into our pockets and fill our minds with more noise from our phones. It’s added stress that we don’t need. We are also part of a culture that has taught us that we should hustle in order to succeed.

However, we want to redefine success. We are constantly seeing the negative impact of hustle culture on our own and others’ mental health, and we have decided to push against it and learn to live a slower life. 

One of the ways we have found that helps to force us to slow down is to get away from the noise by spending time in nature. Removing yourself from all the noise is a peaceful way to return to a slower life and be present. There’s something about being in nature that helps to remind us how beautiful life is and refocuses us to see what matters most. It’s good for the soul. 

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Embrace silence and solitude

This one is actually harder than you might think, but sitting in silence and solitude can actually be so refreshing. We have become so used to filling our minds with noise that it can feel uncomfortable to sit in silence. However, in silence, you actually give yourself time to process your own internal thoughts. Rather than filling every spare moment with music, podcasts, Netflix or social media, you can choose to spend some time sitting still in silence. Even just start with five minutes a day. Another easy way to do this is to choose to drive without music in the car. 

Realise your limitations

It’s important to realise what our capacity is and make sure not to burn ourselves out. It can sometimes be tempting to fill every moment of our days and weeks, but we shouldn’t forget that we still need to leave time for ourselves to recharge and reset in life. Being conscious of this is key to a healthy schedule.  

Focus on the people in front of you

We can easily become so consumed by what is happening in our lives that we forget to be present with the people around us. Even if you’re going through something tough, nine times out of ten, stepping back and listening to what someone else has to say will have a significant impact.

Talking things out with someone will help you catch your breath and slow down. Dedicating time and attention to fostering friendships and being part of a community that you love and can trust is worth more than gold. Meet with people in person and actually be present with one another.  


The practice of reading actually forces you to slow down and sit still. There’s so much you can learn or get inspired by from reading books. Rather than watching another episode of a Netflix series, use that time to read a book. You won’t regret it.

Hollow Coves’ new album, Nothing To Lose, is out today. You can pre-save/pre-order the album here. Hollow Coves will tour Australia and New Zealand in October and November – find tour dates below and tickets here.



Thursday 24 October - The Church Christchurch

Friday 25 October - San Fran Wellington

Saturday 26 October - Tuning Fork Aukland

Saturday 2 November - The Tivoli Brisbane

Friday 8 November - Altar Hobart

Saturday 9 November - The Gov Adelaide

Friday 15 November - Enmore Theatre Sydney

Saturday 16 November - Forum Melbourne

Friday 22 November - Freo Perth

Saturday 23 November - The River Margaret River