Gravemind Interview with new vocalist Bailey Schembri

28 March 2022 | 7:00 pm | Lili Jean Berry
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Brand new vocalist, Bailey Schembri joins Lili in chatting about their new single ‘Deathtouch’ a reflection on their performance at Unify Gathering, Upcoming Halloween Hysteria appearance & what’s on for 2022!

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All aboard the Gravy Train! The hype around this band has been growing for a very long time. The band were hit particularly hard with show cancellations & reschedules throughout the pandemic. Fan's waited nearly 2 years to see them play their 2019 debut album 'Conduit' live. Later into 2021 two members stepped away from the band & they began the hunt for a new vocalist. All of these winding roads led to finding Bailey Schembri, releasing their latest single 'Deathtouch' & playing a huge comeback set at Unify Forever earlier this month.

'Deathtouch' is like Gravemind elevated! The addition of Bailey's cleans is something I didn't even know I wanted from the band but never fear, its still bangin deathcore.

Check out Lili & Bailey's full chat here:

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Watch the video for the latest track 'Deathtouch' here:

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