Event Focus: Bruthen Blues & Arts Festival

12 January 2016 | 2:40 pm | Staff Writer

"Bruthen is a great little town with a warm and welcoming community spirit."

Answered by: Judy Heil

Why should punter visit you? Bruthen is a great little town with a warm and welcoming community spirit. Add to that some of Australia's best blues performers, huge colourful market, and a mix of activities for adults and kids.

What's the history of the event? In its 21st year. It began with an annual blues jam at the local pub and grew from there. 

Any advice for first timers who want to visit the event? There is limited accommodation in town so book early. The caravan park is the best place to stay, only five minutes' walk from all the venues. Tickets available online or at the festival.

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Do you have any plans for the event in the future? People love the festival the way it is, so won't be changing the format too much. But we always like to add something new. This year: Walk Your Blues Away, to enjoy artists performing original works in the outdoors.

When and where for your next event? Bruthen Blues & Arts Festival 2017! Third weekend every February.

Website link for more info? bruthenblues.org.au