Disconnect Festival: Benny Mayhem

11 December 2015 | 3:48 pm | Artist Submission

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Answered by: Benny Mayhem

Member & Role: Singer-songwriter

The festival scene in WA is an interesting beast. What are you expecting from the inaugural Disconnect? This is an exciting time in WA. We've moved away from the big national festival franchises. Disconnect is a conscious effort to step toward a European-style festival, where the emphasis is on community, niche culture, arts and quality music.

How will you spend your time at the festival? Oh, l'm just going to wander around and soak it all in. Hopefully while holding my own against a truly heroic onslaught of liquor. Alcohol? Thought about it, again, and Ken Oath I'm gonna smash it.

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Best road trip story/memory? The past three years of my life have been on the road to be honest, so it's difficult to even know where to begin. But I tell you, it's great to be back in WA again and to see the familiar faces and visit the familiar places with a fresh mind. Perth has changed a lot. Country WA not so much. And I really appreciate those things.

What artists are you most excited to see at Disconnect Festival and why? I'm sure the overseas acts will be great but I'm most excited of all to catch my #wamusic colleagues who are doing big things. Abbe May I last saw in Sydney in 2012, so it'll be great to see her play again. Ruby Boots I've not seen before but have been following their career with interest — stoked to see one of our own doing so well, both nationally and overseas. Timothy Nelson & The Infidels are one of our finest and most sublime, hopefully they can stick it up that crook Richard Kingsmill. Keen to see Felicity Groom and Mathas too.

What do you have planned for 2016? I'm currently remixing my EP, which was recorded in the West Country of England back in July. The sessions happened in the first week of my most recent UK tour, and they were awesome, with the best vibe. Once the EP's ready I'll be hitting the road in Australia ahead of my next UK tour in August, then onward to Europe, and back to Oz again. Round-and-round the merry-go-round. Life is very, very good, and I couldn't be more excited about the year ahead.

When & where: 11-13 Dec, Disconnect Festival, Fairbridge Village

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