Perth Buzz Act Death By Denim Go Track By Track Through Their Debut Album

27 November 2020 | 11:55 am | Death By Denim

Death By Denim release their debut album 'Sleepless & Sunkissed'. Here, the Perth group take us track by track through it.

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Golden Morning
A glance back to the tender beginnings of a relationship that has since lost its spark. Golden Morning sets the tone of the album, the feeling of being uneasy in the present with a strong sentiment to a brighter past and eventful future.

Homemade captures the refreshing feeling of an evening sunset with your close ones and dips it in a barrel of psychedelics. It’s a vibrant addition in the album inspired by our connection to the Perth coast.

Out Of Habit
A care-free approach to self-destructive behaviour, this tune sets the scene of an individual who can’t escape their foolish tendencies

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Caged is about being trapped in an unhealthy routine of weekly alcohol and substance abuse, chasing the highs of the past due to a lack of personal fulfilment in the present. The lyrics explore the inner frustrations of a love-hate relationship for that lifestyle, with no apparent way out.

Satellites In Paradise
This song is about disconnecting from the people around you in search of independence, idealising an unhealthy circumstance in the hopes that a new personal chapter will bring about a greater sense of self. It plays on a realisation of how these connections are a two-way street; how valuable your close relationships are and the importance of the people you can call in the middle of the night for help.

Poolside Blues
The end of an eventful summer can be a bit of a comedown and sometimes life hasn’t progressed as much as you had hoped when you enter a new year. This song is about being in a summertime funk and trying to regain perspective on all the positives in your life.

Show Up
Show Up is about a drawn-out end to a breakup. The lyrics centre on the ongoing struggle to cut ties with someone you have been close to for a long time even though you know ending it is for the best.

An unforeseen trip to the other side of your psyche, Wiggy emulates the pure sensory escapade your mind indulges in when you take the plunge into a psychedelic world you have never seen, never experienced, never dreamt of, but very excited to try. It centres on the moment you realise the world around you is starting to feel different.

Moshi’s Medicine
The imagination of the band goes wild in this track. Moshi’s Medicine is a fictional journey which stands out in the album with its fantasy, depicting the search for a magical being who is rumoured to take all your troubles away. Underlying the song is the more in touch theme of healing physically and mentally from an illness using unconventional methods.

Jump To Mars
A song directed towards the difficulty of facing past mistakes, how sometimes we wish we could wipe the slate clean and start again. The song felt quite prophetic when released at the onset of the pandemic and felt like a bit of an isolation anthem.

Sleepless & Sunkissed
A ballad about an endless night shared with someone you just met and the fear of losing this connection when you are soon separated by long distance. The song repeatedly asks the question of what it is to know someone in this context of feeling a deep connection form in a fleeting moment in time.

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