Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards: Vance Joy

7 October 2014 | 1:34 pm | Staff Writer

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What was the last thing you won? Table tennis.

You took home a couple of Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards last year (Breakthrough Independent Artist and Best Independent Single/EP for God Loves You When You’re Dancing), how do you feel these wins impacted your confidence/career trajectory? I think it came at a very exciting and interesting time in my life as a muso. Things were getting steadily busier and I was probably a little bit overwhelmed. It didn’t really impact on my confidence or the path – it just was a nice pat on the back or milestone that I can put in the pool room with other memories.

How did your speeches go? Do you feel as if you forgot to thank anyone important? I think I hit all the marks. I’m glad I had a list because I feel a lot of gratitude to my team.

How did you finance your debut album compared to how you financed your CDIMA-winning EP? The record label paid for the album and I paid for the EP – the less money you have the less time you have in the studio and that can lead to good things, when time is of the essence. Even on the album things went down to the wire. I feel like we always work within the boundaries set.

You’ve had some dream syncs with your songs, is this something you think musicians need to seek out in this climate when record sales don’t seem to generate a healthy revenue stream? I don’t think you can seek it out, or that isn’t my experience. Have some songs you like and then have a publishing company who can spruik your wares.

At the same time, do you think there’s a danger that an artist can then be associated more with an ad/product than their total musical repertoire? Yeah, that is always a genuine concern.

What does being ‘independent’ mean to you as an artist these days? I am independent in Australia and signed to a label internationally. I think there is some flexibility in my Aussie arrangement and a lot of respect and trust with my label.

What’s been a highlight of your year artistically? I have played some great festivals, released an album I’m proud of and had time to enjoy touring so those things I am thankful for.

What about something that’s been a drag? There hasn’t been too many drags – really try not to let them bring you down.