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BUGS Chat New Album 'COOTIES' & Unify Forever Appearance

24 March 2022 | 7:01 pm | Lili Jean Berry
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Fresh off the Unify Forever stage & gearing up for their Album 'COOTIES' which is released tomorrow, Kill Your Stereo editor, Lili, chats with BUGS front-man Connor Brooker to get you hyped as!

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'COOTIES' has such a delightful high energy from start to finish. Each new track is as catchy as the last & it's such a fun vibe the whole way through.

When asked how Connor feels about this release he said:

"I can’t really put into words, the feeling because, there’s so much involved so many moving parts. As an artist, writing a release from the inception to this point now when you’re actually presenting it to everyone. It’s just awesome, it is massive confirmation of like all the work that you’ve done"

Watch the full chat here:

Pre-save or Pre-order COOTIES here! Out tomorrow, March 25th via Community Distro

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