Q & A: Dereb The Ambassador

4 June 2013 | 9:54 am | Staff Writer

Dereb The Ambassador will play at the launch of The Basement's new live music gig World Music Wednesdays this week. Dereb himself answers a few of our questions.

Artist/Band: Dereb The Ambassador

Name: Dereb Desalegn

What the best venue - anywhere in the world – you've played?: I haven't played it yet.

Is there one country you particularly love performing in?: South Korea, we visted Jeonju and performed at the Sori Music Fest.

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What part of the world has had the most influence on you, musically?: America. Ethiopian music has historically been influenced by American music and still is today.

Where have you experienced music really impacting and influencing a culture?: Ethiopia. Music is an integral part of Ethiopian culture.

When it comes to your band - is more always better?: We always grow and learn, it never ends.

What's one instrument you wish you could master?: Sax, it's true I do I love the saxophone.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals?: I say an Ethiopian blessing before I go on stage.

What's your favourite food dish?: At the moment it's vegetarian Thai dishes.

Can you recommend us a drink at the bar?: Black Sambuca.

Website link for more info?: derebtheambassador.com