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Album Review: Zebrahead - 'Call Your Friends'

16 August 2013 | 3:18 am | Staff Writer
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The funnest thing you've heard in ages!

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You wouldn't be blamed for thinking that after a career spanning almost decades and 10 studio albums, at some point you would decide it's time to start taking things a bit more seriously. That said, it wouldn't make you any less wrong.

FACT: No one parties like Zebrahead, and 2013's 'Call Your Friends' is a testament to that. Kicking off with the quirky guitar tones of album opener 'Sirens,' the band launch into a straight forward, fun as all hell pop punk song, the type the band are known for. What follows is 47 minutes of what is probably the most entertaining stuff you'll hear all year.

As well as your stock standard pop punk songs (of which there are no shortage), the band also showcase a heavier side of their music, with some songs that would more accurately be classed as alternative metal ('With Friends Like These, Who Needs Herpes?,' 'Murder on the Airwaves,' 'Stick Em Up Kid!'), which, while not being groundbreaking for the band, manages to break things up again and stops the record from becoming monotonous or boring.

Led by Ali Tabatabaee's rapping and Matty Lewis' clean vocals, which are heavily influenced by singers such as Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory, the band gives song after song of singalong's catchier than syphilis and far more enjoyable. Similarly this is a collection of tracks that are bound to go down fantastically in a live context and likely to be playing through your head for days or even weeks after listening.

Lyrically, 'Call Your Friends' tackles serious issues like getting drunk, partying down, and not being able to care less. Never ones to take themselves (or anything else) too seriously, the band showcase a sense of humour seemingly inspired by bands like Reel Big Fish, and it just makes the album so much more fun to listen to.

Lead guitar work for the album was provided by both the band's old guitarist Greg Bergdorf and his replacement Dan Palmer, and fans certainly won't be disappointed by either, with some fantastic, original tones laced throughout the record. There's no shortage of absolutely mind-bending guitar solos throughout the array of songs, a very fitting send off for one of the band's founding members, as well as kicking things off on a great note for the next to grace the throne.

'Call Your Friends' isn't necessarily groundbreaking, but it's a hell of a lot of fun. To be frank, if you aren't singing along to 'Public Enemy Number One,' dancing to the chorus of 'Call Your Friends,' or can't see yourself joining in on the bridge of 'I'm Just Here For The Free Beer,' you're probably a pretty boring person to be around. You may think they're juvenile, or immature, or you may even just think they're a terrible band, but one thing's for sure: Zebrahead couldn't care less.

  1. Sirens
  2. I'm Just Here For The Free Beer
  3. With Friends Like These, Who Needs Herpes?
  4. Call Your Friends
  5. Murder On The Airwaves
  6. Public Enemy Number One
  7. Born To Lose
  8. Stick Em Up Kid!
  9. Automatic
  10. Nerd Armor
  11. Panic In The Streets
  12. Don't Believe The Hype
  13. Until The Sun Comes Up
  14. Last Call