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Live Review: Young Lions, Far Away Stables, Stand Atlantic

17 December 2015 | 4:56 pm | Emma McConnell

"Charismatic lead Zach Britt got down and dirty with the crowd, seamlessly connecting with the audience."

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Sydney pop-rock locals Stand Atlantic drew eager fans for the early Wednesday night gig. The young band did exceptionally well delivering refreshing melodies interspersed with dense guitar riffs. Vocalist Bonnie Fraser artfully covered Miley Cyrus' Party In The USA, keeping in line with the bands reputable grunge sound. Track Wasteland from their latest EP release was a strong and impressive end to their set.

Alternative outfit Far Away Stables left a good impression on the crowd, bringing their own unique brand of rock to the stage. Frontman Brendan Sheargold confidently led the band combining intricate lyrics with a passionate delivery. His vocal range was highlighted in To Build A Home, a complex and moving song which fit well within a live performance dominated by heavier tracks. Far Away Stables finished big with their hit What Are You Waiting For, which accentuated the harmonious musical congruency displayed throughout the band. Even a minor stage mishap with guitarist Mitchell Grace couldn't deter the enthusiastic five-piece.

Headliners Young Lions continued the alternative-rock vibe of the evening with a set that encompassed expansive guitar alongside strong and meticulous vocals. Charismatic lead Zach Britt got down and dirty with the crowd, seamlessly connecting with the audience and adding that extra dimension to their gig. His onstage theatrics were well received, as were his genuine sentiments for both of the support bands. Crowd participation was encouraged and welcomed throughout the show. The set incorporated an assortment of tracks from both Burn and their 2015 release Blue Isla. A solo rendition of Blood And Water was a delicate yet mesmerising song, which worked well, delivering a strategic break from their otherwise turbulent tracks. Young Lion ended with Breathe and Tearing Us Apart.