Live Review: World's End Press, Porsches

28 October 2015 | 3:28 pm | Jenny Nguyen

"Their set was a splendid mix of '80s-style vocals, jangly percussion and sizzling electronic synths that had everyone in the room tapping their toes."

The business tail of the Tall Stories EP tour unfolded in Adelaide at Rocket Bar and Rooftop. The residual heat from the tepid afternoon lingered on well into the night and it was only right that we celebrate with a cold drink while listening to an equally refreshing soundtrack. 

Two interstate bands were flown into fulfil this role and boy, did they deliver! Groovy trio World's End Press and Sydney's Porsches brought their love for energetic synths and alongside the evergreen tastemakers Young Muscle DJs, they created a vibe at Rocket Bar that could not be beaten. 

It was around 11.20pm when electro-pop beatmakers Porsches galloped onto the band room stage to seduce the room with their breathy vocals. Porsches describe their sound as "music on your little sister's iPod". Whatever they mean by that, you couldn't help but develop a little soft spot for this enigmatic Sydney duo, even if it meant putting up with the banal and obvious lyrics to their latest single, Karate. The catchy hooks paired with syncopated clicks were as infectious as an outbreak of Bieber fever or some other non-scientific disease. And yes, it was worth getting in early to see Porsches. While they've only been making music for a short amount of time they will no doubt grow up into beautiful foals.

For some unknown reason, the World's End Press members together on stage gave off this 'wedding band' vibe while they were tuning their instruments. Fortunately, they were tremendously fun to watch and not like a cover band at all! Their set was a splendid mix of '80s-style vocals, jangly percussion and sizzling electronic synths that had everyone in the room tapping their toes. Hearing the EP in its entirety was a nice treat; each song melded together beautifully in a live setting. You know you're in for a good time when the speakers cause the rigid walls to tremble and shake. Love Tears was one of the standout tracks, not because of the lyrical content, but because of the layering of the musical elements. This song live was a testament to the band's musical strengths. Of course, there were a few throwbacks to oldies from their first album but all in all it was a night of new bangers. 

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