Album Review: Winston Surfshirt – Apple Crumble

14 November 2019 | 11:00 am | Adam Wilding

"[I]nstantly catchy and effortlessly enjoyable."

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The wait between Winston Surfshirt albums (two years) has been worth it, the band sitting somewhere between De La Soul and Cass McCombs, if Weird Al Yankovic were behind the dials and The Black Seeds were the session musicians.

Apple Crumble is instantly catchy and effortlessly enjoyable. The best thing about the album is the band's complete disregard of what constitutes a trend. Accessible on all levels, whether it be a party for five or 500, it’s a party album that’s 12 tracks or one long song, depending on your mood. Smile, For The Record and Make A Move are notable tracks that are lyrically delirious, catchy and a perfect tonic for the slew of summer festivals fast approaching this time of year. And the horn section that features throughout really is something else.

If there is any criticism of the album, it’s that the range is somewhat limited, but if it ain’t broke, etc, etc.