Live Review: Tyga, Omarion, DJ AK

11 April 2016 | 1:30 pm | Lillie Siegenthaler

"Tyga has no time for poetic device and just tells us straight-up: 'Got a badass bitch just bouncin' on my dick'..."

More Tyga More Tyga

You've probably seen Tyga's name plastered all over the internet due to Kardashian-related scandals, and his Australian tour kicks off with much hype. A lengthy queue twists its way around the corner long after the advertised doors open time. As we enter Festival Hall, DJ AK psyches up the crowd with club anthems from Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Omarion steps it up a level with jittery trap hi-hats and bass played at Richter-troubling amplitude. He constantly tells us to put our hands in the air.

Our main act opens with his tour-inspired song I $mile, I Cry. Driven by his flaming thug temper, Tyga's body sways low, his free hand waving through lyrical tangents. Deep snarls are etched into Tyga's verses as he rapidly spits into his mic. Understandably, Tyga runs to the side of the stage for a good swig of water whenever possible, leaving his DJ to address the audience (probably more than we'd like him to). During Dope, a strong stench makes it clear that the smoke in our faces isn't coming from a smoke machine onstage. Escaping the canopy of raised smartphones, Snapchat screens enabled, small puffs slither up to the sky. A twerk craze spreads as Rack City's riff rocks the floor, the smartphones now thick enough to obscure our view.

The DJ spins the missing rap snippets from Tyga's mainstream collabs Loyal, Ayy Ladies and Ayo (since Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and Travis Porter are not present). We get a virtual glimpse of his famous, juicy-lipped Kardashian gf as she struts through the Stimulated video, which sprawls out over three massive LCD screens. Stage effects become more hectic as songs roll through. Abut 20 hyperactive lasers and smoke cannons create an enormous energy spike, which erupts come Molly's robotic chorus. Ice Cream Man's rainbow light show isn't enough to distract us from the song's ominous metaphor. Of course there are moments when Tyga has no time for poetic device and just tells us straight-up: "Got a badass bitch just bouncin' on my dick/B-bouncin' on my dick/B-bouncin' on my dick." At the end of the night, we all take home light squiggles in our eyes and ringing in our ears.