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Live Review: Two People, Lucianblomkamp

29 October 2018 | 11:45 am | Michael Prebeg

"An exhilarating and intricate production with a haunting, yet inviting sound."

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We’re instantly captivated by Lucianblomkamp’s dark ethereal sound. As the strobe lights flicker, we feel a heavy thumping bass pulsating through our bodies commanding us to move to the electronic beat. We’re drawn into the unique soundscapes and become lost in the layers of glitchy experimental elements with emotive undertones.

Blomkamp draws on his classical training and incorporates a violin into his live performance tonight to add an engaging and powerful element alongside pitched down vocal effects. Blomkamp’s latest three-part EP Sick Of What I Don’t Understand is the centrepiece of this show with tracks including Doing This For You and Nothing as the main standouts. The live set builds with momentum and slowly engulfs us into the immersive landscape as it continuously changes and evolves throughout an effortless sonic exploration.

Two People play as a trio tonight with a live drummer added to the band to really enhance their live performance. Phoebe Lou and Joey Clough can be recognised as two members from indie-pop band Snakadaktal who broke up in 2014. This new project that’s risen from the ashes is an exhilarating and intricate production with a haunting, yet inviting sound. Beginning with their debut single Fading, we become entranced by Lou’s ethereal vocals that wrap around each and every exaggerated piece of music in the beautifully flowing set. They’ve got a strong vibe that’s similar to The xx with a captivating atmospheric sound. You can tell they’ve been working really hard to perfect their performance as they put everything they have into creating something that’s raw and honest. They make a strong connection with each other and engage with every single member of the audience.

Bathed in a warm red light, the band creates an intimate stage presence as they navigate their way through their slow-burning electronic music. The lingering echoes and enthralling production elements, including recorded saxophones and grungy live guitars, send us deep into a slow melancholic groove. With only a handful of songs released so far, they share some tracks that many have already become familiar with including Something To Talk About and I’m Tied, To You. They also perform a brand new song, which they tell us is coming out soon. Apart from this, there’s no word when we might hear more from them but one thing that’s for sure is that we can expect big things to come.