Tommy Little: Dickhead

30 March 2016 | 2:58 pm | Sarah Barratt

"Nothing and no one is off limits."

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Having been propelled into waves of laughter-induced convulsions at my last encounter with the impish Tommy Little, it was with lofty (i.e. unrealistic) expectations that I fronted up to his latest show, Dickhead, one sombre Tuesday evening. 

Nailing audience interaction is one of Little's strong points, and it is with great ease and a wry smile that the ex-Nova breakfast host (expect to learn the full gory details of his departure) works the room, picking up on everything from people's choice of drink to their profession, attire and relationship status. Nothing and no one is off limits, but Little's cheeky affability makes it hard not to like him from the get-go. Weaving tales from his somewhat tragic single life into a well-structured  and respectability gag-studded routine, Little is certainly entertaining but this time lacks the deeply hilarious oomph I was after.