Live Review: Tijuana Cartel, A Conscious Coup

16 April 2016 | 10:46 am | Libby Griffin

"Let's face it, Gold-Coast-based tour addicts Tijuana Cartel know how to rock and liberate a crowd."

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The Rosemount Hotel slowly filled with cool cats, all there to experience Tijuana Cartel’s uniquely blended, rich and intricate tapestry of electronic beats that cut through your very soul.

A Conscious Coup — Bali-born, highly dynamic and often raucous two-piece — kicked off the party with their psychedelic rock warming up the crowd.

By the time Tijuana Cartel hit the stage, the audience was well and truly excited, but still relatively calm. With each song Tijuana Cartel played, the crowd became more and more seduced by their slowly intoxicating vibe of psychedelic, electronic, ‘east meets west’ indie rock'n'roll. 

With ultra cool and fresh sounding beats like theirs, it wasn't long until the entire crowd was bouncing around, liberated by the music moving through their bodies.

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Paul George owned the stage like a boss, enchanting the crowd with his mystery, confidence and huge talent. His seriousness was perfectly balanced by Carey O’Sullivan’s cheeky playfulness, who entertained and electrified the audience with his delicious trumpet tunes.

Let's face it, Gold-Coast-based tour addicts Tijuana Cartel know how to rock and liberate a crowd with their serve of deliciously mixed world music and club beats.