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Album Review: This Is Hell - 'Misfortunes'

5 March 2008 | 5:24 pm | Staff Writer
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Get ready for the big time…

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Since their inception in 2004, This Is Hell have earned themselves a reputation as one of the hardest

working bands on the touring circuit. Their commitment to the road and

their energetic live performances has enabled them to tour with everyone

from Bane to our own Parkway Drive… experiences which

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have no doubt had a large impact on Misfortunes

While the band’s style isn’t

too far removed from their last full length (2006’s Sundowning),

the improvements in the song writing department coupled with the more

melodic guitar work has made This Is Hell’s sound as memorable as it is aggressive. 

Opening number “Reckless”

is as fast and to the point as anything you’ve heard from This

Is Hell previously, the difference being the more noticeable shift

in song dynamics. For example, the stripped back mid section makes Travis Reilly’s passionate vocal delivery seem that much more

powerful when he’s not competing with his band for the listener’s


If you’d picked up This Is

Hell’s most recent seven inch (Cripplers) then you’d

already be familiar with “Infected”. The song packs a mighty punch

but is still one the catchiest offerings on Misfortunes, something

which I attribute to the impressive guitar work and the stop/start drum


Although the opening riff of “Disciples”

sounds a little too familiar to Comeback Kid’s “Wake The

Dead” it’s still an amazing song, one that combines the intensity

of This Is Hell’s earlier sound with their appreciation of

melody, both vocally and musically. “In Shambles” sees the band

taking a more straight forward approach to their craft, which isn’t

to say it’s a bad song, it’s just not as progressive as the first

few tracks. The slow and almost somber overtones of “Realization:

Remorse” give the listener a breather before This Is Hell hit

you with the machine gun riffing of “Without Closure”, one of the

album’s strongest songs, while the mid pace “Remnants” is no slouch

in the song writing department either.  

Keeping up the pace is “Resuscitate”,

which is one the heaviest tunes on Misfortunes… a sure fire

crowd pleaser if I’ve ever heard one, while the bouncy grooves of

“Fearless Vampires” will have you singing along within a couple

of listens (cool name as well). “You Are The Antithesis” is a hard

and fast number which doesn’t relent until “End Of An Era” takes

over with its highly infectious riffing… fans of Miles Away will love this song! Bringing the record to a close is the epic “Last

Days Campaign”, another tune which chooses layered guitars and sparse

arrangements over the short, fast and loud approach. A great way to

end a great record!

With another 9 months left in

the year I don’t want to seem like I’m getting ahead of myself,

but I’m confident that Misfortunes is going to make it’s

way into a lot of people’s Top 10 lists for 2008.

  1. Reckless
  2. Infected
  3. Disciples
  4. In Shambles
  5. Realization: Remorse
  6. Without Closure
  7. Remnants
  8. Resuscitate
  9. Fearless Vampires
  10. You Are