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Live Review: They've Already Won

18 December 2015 | 4:23 pm | Sean Maroney

"They dance, they drink, they 'act', they 'cry'. It's experimental theatre cum performance art cum fun — and a truckload of that last one."

OMG!! I can't believe she did this.
You literally have to see this.
This show would do well with a succinct description but this reviewer just cannot even. He just cannot. It is literally not even possible. Here we go, though.

They've Already Won is about the end of the world as we know it, carried out by two young theatremakers through an exploration of the meaninglessness of content. Every day in our online world we are battered with humanitarian crises, oceans of 'likes', trolls, cat videos, and Hotline Bling memes. Clickbait articles dominate the attention of those with no attention span. Through live internet surfing, the audience indulges in what they probably indulge in for hours of their lives each day: meaningless content.

Luckily for the audience, this raw material is wrought into cutting edge theatre by Pierce Wilcox and Harriet Gillies. It is youthful, accessible, and violently real. Meaning is effaced as much as created in the interdisciplinary show. They dance, they drink, they 'act', they 'cry'. It's experimental theatre cum performance art cum fun — and a truckload of that last one. If you've never heard a well articulated description of Congolese history and the tragedy of the nation's current warfare and laughed at it… well, see the show.

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They've Already Won is zesty and provocative. It is intelligent and accessible. It's a good time waiting to be had.

Wow I Thought I Was Gonna See Regular Theatre But Then...

It's clickbait on a stage. Have fun.