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Live Review: THEESatisfaction, Savoir, Move DJs, Raaghe, Claude Mono

25 October 2012 | 2:40 pm | Olivia Gardner

The vibe last Saturday night started out pretty chilled as is often the case with Bakery gigs, however, this was in no way a sign of what was to come. DJ Claude Mono kicked things off to the subdued crowd before Raaghe stepped up and laid down a set of dreamy, funky and soultastic beats. Tagging in again, we heard a little more of Mono's bassy funk tunes, which actually turned out to be quite a transient set, while meanwhile the outdoor area began to get pretty cosy.

Fresh local trio Savoir – soon to be everyone's new favourite – took over the stage next and really stepped the party up to the next level. The group is composed of the outrageously babing and talented vocalist Mei Saraswati teamed with DJ/producers Andrew Sinclair and James Ireland. Together their sound and all-round radness is a partying force to be reckoned with. The boys put out some really awesome '90s-inspired hip hop and nu-soul beats while Saraswati was all over the mic singing, rapping and being amazing. At one point the singer saying “loosen your hips up a little; dancing is really good for the bowels.”

Right before THEESatisfaction we heard a set from the Move DJs which featured some vintage soul, progressive '90s tech and hip hop beats with some very talented turntablism. It was around this time that we also had a guest appearance from the five-O, which made the night really begin to feel like some sort of old-school ghetto block party.

Following the Move DJs it was finally time for THEESatisfaction, and something almost African-inspired came on the speakers and the ladies swaggered onto stage in unison wearing high-tops, booties swinging. And a bustling Bakery lost their collective shit. The Seattle based and ever so dreamy girl team then executed the most excellently choreographed performance a lot of us have ever seen. They were two beautiful ladies with killer voices who were completely in sync lyrically and physically. Their sound was a loud amalgamation of verse and beat on the verge of cacophony, but it worked on so many levels and the outcome was some amazing progressive hip-hop sounds and soulful melodies. The room was in awe and much to our disappointment it was all too soon for the ladies to shake their booties back off stage but not before a final and much appreciated encore.

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