Album Review: The Resignators - 'See You In Hell'

24 March 2011 | 11:24 am | Staff Writer
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Ska music will probably never die if bands keep doing it this well.

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I’m not too sure how popular ska music is anymore, it seems like one of the genres that hit is peak years ago and has now faded back into a small underground scene. No one can deny however, that ska music is fun when it is done well, luckily Melbourne’s The Resignators are doing it well. The new album ‘See You In Hell’ was recorded over in Montreal, Canada, and features ten tracks of aggressively catchy tunes.

The record opens with the title track, an instant gang vocal chant and constant kick drum the splashes out into some classy big band horns. This theme carries into Told Me Twice, which amps up the rock elements of the group thanks to its spy theme like guitar riffs. What is ska without some reggae flavouring? The Resignators have it covered with Sins Of The Father, a crusiy, laid back number that breaks up the albums energy perfectly.

The pace picks right back up with the heavy opening chords of Taco Burrito, a song about, yes, a taco burrito. The lyrical content is pretty light on for the majority of the record, never taking itself too seriously, however there are moments of depth and romance in between food and beverage references.

Train Robbaz opens with Mariachi horns before jumping into a faced paced dance number about cowboys. The record ends with I Farken Love You (A Frankston Love Song), a bright, up tempo track, reminiscent of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

The Resignators have recently acquired two new members, Steve Douglas, formely of Gwar and his saxophone playing wife Stacey as they embark on a bunch of touring in support of this record, ensuring that the live shows should be just as much fun as the album.

For the people out there who are still interested in listening to ska music, The Resignators would have to be the local band of the minute and with songs as catchy as these, that minute may well last for quite a while.

1. See You In Hell

2. Rage

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3. Told Me Twice

4. Sins Of The Father

5. Taco Burrito

6. Train Robbaz

7. 64 Reasons Why?

8. Booze And tattoos

9. Shape I'm In

10. I Farken Love You (A Frankston Love Song)