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The Other Art Fair

15 September 2015 | 7:23 pm | Fiona Cameron

"There was something new and intriguing to ponder wherever your eyes wandered."

The Other Art Fair, held in aMBUSH Project Space on the old Carlton United Brewery site, showcases the work of artists that do not have gallery representation.

As such the show had a local focus, smaller booths manned by the artists themselves — and any mates they could draft in to help — and pleasingly, but not surprising, a strong female presence. Organisers assembled a diverse line-up of talent showing works across a range of styles and mediums.

The heat of the day, coupled with the halogen lights, posed no impediment to the hordes choking the aisles, enlivened by not a few children roaming freely. There was something new and intriguing to ponder wherever your eyes wandered.

Among the many splendours, standout works included Anya Brock's glorious cockatoo, Kate Banazi's multi-layered geometric works on perspex, and Millie Bartlett's collages that mix satire with a deliciously kooky edge.

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Valentina Schulte's recent travels have proved a rich ground for her moody, evocative photo series while the remarkable 3D work, Sucking by Sang-Sik Hong was one we wanted to tear off the wall and take home so we could gaze at its intricacy and the interplay of colour and light to our complete satisfaction.

Although we left with empty hands, many others were gleefully toting new items out the door. One of the best spottings all day has to be the toddlers cooling down after the hurly burly of the Fair with a frolic in the water-feature at Central Park's rear.