Live Review: The Ocean - Rosemount Hotel

29 May 2012 | 6:07 pm | Simon Rundin

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On a cold Sunday night, with many people recovering from a big weekend, North Perth's Rosemount Hotel was filling up with the likes of long-haired rockers usually only reserved for one thing – a metal gig, and what a gig it was. First up were locals Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving, and as soon as the first notes rung out anyone who thought they were in for a quiet night were proven wrong. For those uninitiated, the four-piece plays a cinematic version of prog-rock, with a healthy dose of Russian Circles influence. While it certainly wasn't easy listening, the set was truly impressive. All of the musicians are excellent at their chosen weapon, but the skills of the keyboardist and drummer stood out this eve. The band have a huge sound and gave the Rosemount's sound system a workout, and there was never any dead air – even between songs the keyboardist was playing around with sound effects which led into the following song. It was a great set complemented by the fact even passers-by were stopping at the Rosemount's windows for a peek.

The second and final act of the night was Berlin metallers The Ocean, playing the last show of their first ever Australian tour, and they put their heart into it. The five-piece's sound was a bit more traditional and less epic than the previous act, but the set was no less entertaining. The band had a great stage presence and played super-tight. Although some songs could have benefited from less melodic breaks, and they also relied fairly heavily on sampling, it still made for an excellent show. By this stage the venue was surprisingly packed for a Sunday night, and The Ocean kept everyone interested for most of the set, although it did tend to go on for maybe 10 minutes too long. Some mid-set technical difficulties slowed the show down a bit, but once the talented musicians were powering on there was no stopping them. If The Ocean ever come to Australia again, be sure to dip your ears in their heavy waters.