Live Review: The Internet, Kaiit

12 February 2018 | 1:00 pm | Melissa Borg

"Syd was the ultimate crowd-wrangler and had us eating out of the palm of her hand from start to finish."

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Unearthed artist Kaiit eased us into the evening with her silky-smooth vocals and laid-back beats. Her tracks are a mishmash of genres and styles, but the through line is her love for jazz and neo-soul, singing her unmistakably 21st century lyrics like a jazz singer in Natural Woman.

Kicking off right on time (but criminally early for a Friday night), The Internet had us Under Control from the get-go. Asking us if we owned Ego Death was met with screams before they launched into Gabby, with the aforementioned album featuring heavily across tonight's set.

Syd was the ultimate crowd-wrangler and had us eating out of the palm of her hand from start to finish. Having a superstar quality, but breaking the mould when it comes to the lead-singer archetype, makes her particularly alluring and engaging as she owns her role as the cornerstone of this R&B group.

Most members have their own solo projects, which The Internet were more than happy to support in their set, rolling out Steve Lacy's Ryd/Dark Red combo and Matt Martians' Diamond In Da Ruff. The supportive vibe and closeness as a group extended to their stage set-up, with The Internet choosing only to occupy a third of stage right.

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Everyone got down and dirty to the slick production on Special Affair while yelling, "But you already knew that!" back at the group. A new song was aired, which surprisingly didn't dampen the mood. Girl was a special moment for The Internet, being their first time playing the track since finding out it had gone Gold here in Australia.

"One, two - you fucked up!" was gleefully screamed back at Syd to welcome in Just Sayin/I Tried, before the tempo of the set dipped for a few lesser-known songs, making the crowd a bit restless. But they brought it back, letting everyone bust out their best moves to Get Away