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Live Review: The Hard Aches, Muncie Girls, Sly Withers

19 June 2017 | 3:02 pm | Jarrad Bouckaert

"It immediately became apparent that they know how to play as a two-piece and fill the space needed with just each other for support."

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Saturday night at Jack Rabbit Slim's brought pop-punk over our border and into town. Adelaide's The Hard Aches Brain Drain tour has them returning to Perth with international mates, up and comers Muncie Girls.

Local rockers Sly Withers kicked off the night with the four-piece bringing the feel-good punk rock vibes while the crowd hung from their vantage points to watch.

Next up, Muncie Girls. Not just an intermission from the Aussie accents but a damn good band. The talented three-piece built a set with intention, including a solo song by frontwoman Lande Hekt. Each member brings something to their sound and it was felt throughout the room as the crowd started to really move.

When The Hard Aches took to the stage, it immediately became apparent that they know how to play as a two-piece and fill the space needed with just each other for support. The set was exciting early, driven from the drums and settled down later to open up for frontman Ben David's soaring vocals. The second half of the set was filled with cathartic involvement from the crowd, chanting and singing along. It also brought a few people to think that the 45 minute mark of the set was a good time to get to front of stage. Throughout the night, David praised the other bands on the bill and also admonished the shoey. Removing a band from what seems like such an inclusive bill, no matter the circumstances, must have some effect. The boys seemed glad to be done with the show but not after giving the Perth crowd all they had and rocked us with earnest lyrics and killer punk rock.

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