Album Review: The Glorious - Falcon

15 January 2016 | 4:08 pm | Tim Kroenert

"Melbourne's The Glorious is a band that transcends its own clichés."

Melbourne's The Glorious is a band that transcends its own clichés.

Even when frontman Dave Mather envisages himself as "a bird in the sky flying free", during the title track from the three-piece's third album, he sells it with his sincerity. Falcon is similarly attractive and unchallenging throughout, with producer Julian Mendelsohn setting Mather's spare, evocative lyrics and simple melodies against spacious, big-sky arrangements. The obvious touchstones range from The Band to Pink Floyd, but Falcon is at its best when the influences are closer to home: St Clare's vaguely menacing lilt recalls Crowded House's Not The Girl You Think You Are, while the vocal on the gorgeous I Wake Up channels Glenn Richards.