Live Review: The Getaway Plan, Red Beard, Lights Of Berlin

21 November 2015 | 10:33 am | Charmaine de Souza

"These boys made sure that every single person left the venue feeling just like ... old friends."

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When The Getaway Plan visited Perth back in June, they’d promised that they were going to be back very soon. A mere five months later, the boys from Melbourne made good on that promise, returning to Rosemount Hotel to celebrate the songs that have defined their career so far.

Lights Of Berlin absolutely killed their opening set, filling the venue with 30-odd minutes of delightfully addictive pop rock. They smashed out track after track with headliner-level finesse; their songs good enough to elicit cries of "holy shit!" from this reviewer's plus one. A cover of My Chemical Romance's Teenagers proved to be quite the ice-breaker, loosening the crowd up and setting the mood for the night. And, hand to heart, vocalist Devon Bayer managed to give Gerard Way a serious run for his money.

Queensland's Red Beard were up next, continuing the trend of stellar music. The only thing more impressive than frontman Tomi Rooney's beard was the sheer energy oozing from the trio. Their onstage demeanour was a testament to the fact that they truly gave a shit about what they were doing — and this, in turn, made the audience love every second of their performance. The boys didn't pull any punches throughout the night, even surprising the audience with a cover of Gym Class Heroes' Cupid's Chokehold. It's safe to say that they left a mighty fine impression behind during their maiden voyage to WA.

The Getaway Plan hit the stage 15 minutes earlier than expected, prompting fans to rush from the bar to the front of the stage. Lead vocalist Matthew Wright warmly welcomed the intimate crowd, calling us his ‘old friends’ before launching into a set jam-packed with old and new favourites. The boys were pros onstage, playing each song with an intensity that’s hard to find. Oftentimes Wright stood, eyes completely shut, as he belted out soaring notes and attention-grabbing screams. Punters excitedly speculated (and demanded) various song titles throughout the night, singing along to every single track the band played — even the new ones.

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One thing that never fails to impress is the fact that these boys aren’t afraid to revisit their past. More often than not, bands choose to promote the here and now, while neglecting their long-time fans. But these boys made sure that every single person left the venue feeling just like what Wright had called them — old friends.