Album Review: The Creases - Tremolow

28 July 2017 | 12:41 pm | Madelyn Tait

"Cool, catchy, retro, nostalgic."

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Although the title of their debut album - a term used to describe a wavering musical tone - is perhaps used to symbolise the Brisbane band's experience of highs and lows since their 2013 beginnings, it's also an accurate representation of the release.

The first four tracks - Answer To, Everybody Knows, Is It Love and At Last You Find - are particularly good; they're cool, catchy, retro, nostalgic and showcase the band's unique sound. Joe Agius makes a good frontman - he's charismatic and possesses quite a talent for melody.

The album wavers just a little with tracks like Point and Impact that the band already released in 2015 and 2016 respectively, though picks up again towards the end.

They've managed to work with some pretty big names in Australian music like producer Malcolm Besley (Northeast Party House, City Calm Down) and members of Saskwatch, Dorsal Fins and Hollow Everdaze, who perform brass and strings on the album. Another highlight, Were Young features backing vocals from Melbourne singer-songwriter Ali Barter.

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The Creases are a young band full of potential, and Tremolow undoubtedly reflects that.