Live Review: The Cherry Dolls, Sugar Teeth, Sienna Wild, Diamonds Of Neptune

18 July 2016 | 2:23 pm | Dearna Mulvaney

"Aubry climbs onto the pool table and straddles the low-hanging light for a few moments before it breaks."

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Diamonds Of Neptune melt genres together - rock, dream-pop, soul - with ease. The constant flood of smoke adds to their dream-like charm.  They're comfortable on stage - guitarist Adriaan Troise even kicks off his shoes. The crowd dance along to catchy number It Is What It Is before Sienna Wild vocalist, Louis Goutos, jumps up to share vocal duties for Pipedreams.

Sienna Wild hit the crowd in the face with a dose of good old-fashioned rock'n'roll. Their set is a swirl of guitars; an airtight rhythm section that's topped with a searing vocal reminiscent of Caleb Followill or John Corabi. Covers like Lenny Kravitz's Are You Gonna Go My Way don't feel out of place and the tracks bleed together in a set of loud, guitar-driven rock.

Psychedelic rockers Sugar Teeth draw the crowd in. Frontwoman Piper Packshaw's raw vocal is paired with their '70s-inspired sound. The quartet meld together a balanced mix of storytelling lyrics, Patti Smith-style vocals and a dreamy rich texture that ebbs and flows. "This one's dedicated to The Cherry Dolls thanks for having us," she says, before launching into a killer cover of Gloria, which sets Yah Yah's alight. The crowd can't get enough of the band's newest single Dreamer.

The Cherry Dolls kick off their set with a shaky start - half an hour late and a broken snare drum. However, this doesn't stop the five-piece from tearing the roof off Yah Yah's. The Cherry Dolls showcase everything we love about rock: a loud drumbeat, a groove you can dance to, screeching guitars and a killer vocal.

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Mid-set the crowd struggles to match the band's high energy as guitarist Jim Stirton points out. "This is fucked," he says, "I can hear my guitar over the crowd. Can I get more crowd in my foldback please?" We cheer and do our best to keep up. Frontman Joshua Aubry has a raw, manic drive like that of Pete Doherty. He snarls through the lyrics and is in constant motion. During the band's final song, Aubry climbs onto the pool table and straddles the low-hanging light for a few moments before it breaks. It doesn't seem to bother him, however, as he continues to dance on the table before crowd-surfing.

These guys boast a killer live show; if you're in the mood for a party The Cherry Dolls are where it's at.