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Live Review: The Bennies, Off With Their Heads, Batpiss

31 March 2016 | 2:39 pm | Clinton Hatfield

"Whipping hair, hurling bodies and silhouettes of feet where heads should be fill the entirety of the band's 14-song set."

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An incredibly drunk guy is carried out before the second band even take the stage, which sets the tone for a full-on night of partying. Batpiss take the stage with their special brand of Melbourne punk. Fans of the Collingwood trio grip the barrier, screaming as Daredevil and Seed open their set.

American icons Off With Their Heads roll out to a very warm reception. Now on their third trip to Australia, they look very comfortable in front of obvious diehards who are now hurling lyrics right back at the four, very calm, punk veterans. Red curtains close across the front of the stage to prepare for tonight's local headliners.

The Bennies have been taking their Wisdom Machine tour around the country and this sold-out show shows exactly why the Melbourne four-piece have earned an ever-increasing following over the last five years. The Corner Hotel massive scream The Bennies' name. A large psychedelic banner is revealed on stage to tie the band's tour name in with their album of the same name through its cover art. Screams from the ecstatic Melbourne fans intensify and the red curtain opens to reveal an empty stage. As the lads step into the spotlight, a sea of our hands fills the thick air.

The whole night has been filled with smiles and punky goodness, but nothing comes close to the energy The Bennies bring tonight. Anty Horgan sports his signature spandex pants, a very striking black and white pair this evening — perhaps he's a Beetlejuice fan? The Bennies rip into the brand new Heavy Reggae then Party Smashers and a huge fan favourite Detroit Rock Ciggies. Whipping hair, hurling bodies and silhouettes of feet where heads should be fill the entirety of the band's 14-song set. Towards the end, Party Machine almost brings the house down and security guards certainly work for their money tonight. Everyone should experience The Bennies if they get the chance.

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