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Live Review: The Beach Boys

24 November 2015 | 2:55 pm | Jonty Czuchwicki

"Mike Love was mildly irked by the fact that nobody had stood up to dance during the first six songs."

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The Beach Boys performed for a solid two hours at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. In spite of all the lawsuits, member changes and less than ideal touring configurations that have arisen in the latter half of the band's existence, their legacy — along with the sheer number of hits they have — allows for an enjoyable experience. In this touring outfit Mike Love is the only original members appearing, but it is still a nice way to get your Beach Boys fix if you are so inclined.

Before The Beach Boys appeared, the audience were welcomed to a stage adorned with potted planets in every free inch of space on the large stage. The decor was a spectacle to behold and certainly transported the listener to a sunny Californian beach quite effectively. An LED screen built the anticipation, with archival '60s and '70s surfing footage. The band then took to the stage and played six songs without stopping. There's a corny delight in The Beach Boys' music, as well as a genuine musical quality. Vocal harmonies are a given when it comes to The Beach Boys, and their soothing melodies soon brought smiles to faces.

Mike Love was mildly irked by the fact that nobody had stood up to dance during the first six songs, though there was no reason to be surprised, as it was an entirely seated show. Sure enough, however, by the halfway mark of the performance, not a single bum was in a chair. Every time the band played a hit such as Wouldn't It Be Nice or Good Vibrations the nostalgia was as dizzying as it was inescapable. Through a cappella tracks, cover songs and totally strange anecdotes, the performance proved to be a fun ride, with much of the crowd filing through to the front to dance to their heart's content.

Mike Love, even at age 74, has a great amount of charisma, and his touring fellowship certainly lend a lot of instrumental expertise. The lead guitar and keyboards sounded especially great. Surfin' USA was a sure highlight of the evening. Whether you're a new fan or an old timer it's worth catching The Beach Boys before it's too late.

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