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The Amazing Spider-Man

10 July 2012 | 2:13 pm | Emily Adams

Seeking to remake an outstanding trilogy is no easy feat, but Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man hits all the right marks.

Almost immediately you are re-engaged with a different spin on the story of Peter Parker. We begin in the past, where we are offered a glimpse into the mystery behind the death of Parker's parents.

Without question the film has a whole different feel to director Sam Raimi's recent big screen exploration of the Marvel Comics superhero, with more logical narrative connections and enjoyable comedic elements. A small let-down is the film's villain, a far less creepy enemy than the Green Goblin. Andrew Garfield in the title role is a highlight, with a stunning, multi-layered performance handling Peter Parker as a quirky yet deeply troubled teenager.

Fans of the comics or previous films should not be disappointed with this outstanding portrayal of Spider-Man. It boasts enough unique elements to stand firmly on its own, though perhaps not enough to make you forget the quality of Raimi's films.