Live Review: Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving, Serious Beak, Foxes, Skullcave

24 November 2015 | 1:53 pm | Blake Byrne

"Involuntary headbanging and unruly hand convulsions were experienced."

More Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving More Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving

The furiously strummed riffs and precariously slapped drums of three-piece acid metal practitioners Skullcave deafened the band-shirt-black-jeans-wearing audience. The particular choice of chords and snare placements invited an unconventional crowd who have good taste in music. Chomping away at their lengthy, untamed tunes, the boys proceeded to the finishing line at a steady, doom-inspired pace. Their song structures were partitioned and yet compatible with one another like any progressive band that cripples your mind.

The vicious dragon-slaying hands of five-piece Foxes formulated and produced articulate sounds that emulated some of the top-tier bands in their scene. The clean echoing guitars that shimmered over the top of crashing cymbals added a diverse character to their sound. Skullcave drummer, Liam Young, filled in after he learned all the songs in a week and a bit.

Making what sounds like horror-themed video games by metal maniacs, Serious Beak come together to deliver grimy, rambunctious artcore express to your ears. Traversing across a load of styles engaging you from start to finish, with snippets of nostalgia drawing on bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Slayer, Karmivool, Megadeth and even Yes, their abilities as musicians and collaborators are shown through their epic, flawless timing. These guys summoned an apocalypse one moment and then produced general ambience a fraction of a second later.

Involuntary headbanging and unruly hand convulsions were experienced during Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving. The songs showcased off their soundtrack-like EP segued smoothly into one another and they absolutely stole the night with their monstrous 13-minute-long creepers, which built up textures really slowly — when they exploded at the end you could feel the excitement on your face. The four-piece have a very special place in this music industry and they are taking the world over with their natural musical cognition and stage flair.

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