Album Review: Straight Arrows - On Top!

24 October 2018 | 10:15 am | Christopher H James

"It’s an album that just drips with energy."

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They’ve been around for over a decade now, but Straight Arrows’ infectious energy and obvious love of shouting at people is still very much in effect.

21st Century is both memorable and instantly catchy and as such it reflects poorly on today’s charts that there doesn’t seem to be a place for it. Although the line, “I haven’t been this high since high school,” might’ve got it in trouble with radio programmers anyway. Elsewhere there’s some pure retro '60s mania on the likes of Bound To Lose, which features a guitar riff so jangly it could've been lost behind Keith Richards’ sofa after a particularly loved up night at the Roundhouse. Mostly though, it’s an album that just drips with energy, peaking with the rush of Headache and Out And Down which is another tough nut with driving double-time drums. There is the occasional clunker, Gun Man definitely being one with its awkward groove and pedestrian lyrics. But that aside, Straight Arrows’ straight up (no chaser) garage-rock has proven once again that simplicity is the surest way to achieve maximum effect.