Live Review: Step Panther, Wax Witches & Foam

18 March 2013 | 11:37 am | Cara Sayer Bourne

They played their cover for Nugget’s Liar Liar which was a highlight of the set. Thumbs up boys.

Double bills are always a ball of fun and it was reinforced with Wax Witches and Step-Panther. 

FOAM were competing with Step-Panther to be the strongest band of the night with complete grunge. The three-piece from Perth give nod to one of their main influences Nirvana with a hint of Pearl Jam. FOAM however are far from stealing 90s back catalogues and stand on their own as a band.

Their songs are so well developed and fantastic sounding that it is hard to believe they aren't more well known. FOAM ricocheted off the walls with. They just completely nailed the set. 

Alex Wall of Bleeding Knees Club fame's side project Wax Witches took the first leg of the joint bill and threw fast punk tunes in the audience's face. 

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Wax Witches have strong melodies that persisted through the set. The band did a great cover of The Pixie's Wave of Mutilation, upping the pace and tempo with heavy pounding and the moshing was some form of public mutual masturbation as shaggy haired dudes thrashed against one another in the tiny area in front of the stage, and threatened the security of the speakers by swinging off their beams and onto each other. Meanwhile, Alex was the puppet master on the stage, egging people on with his ferocious guitar hooks.

Without the distortion present on recorded Wax Witches unfortunately Bleeding Knees Club fame Alex just didn't have the vocal projection required for what is being produced by the duo.

By the time Step-Panther came on, the crowd was more subdued, mainly because the security had kicked a large number of moshers out. They quickly picked up the crowd's pace however, with a set that saw them at one of their finest. 

Tracks from their latest EP have displayed a maturation in the sound of Step-Panther and this has traversed to the stage. The band are undeniably skilled technically and this showed throughout each track.

As the end of the set swiftly came, the audience immediately began crying out for more and the boys happily obliged. They played their cover for Nugget's Liar Liar which was a highlight of the set. Thumbs up boys.