Album Review: Soulfly - Archangel

5 August 2015 | 3:46 pm | Brendan Crabb

"Cavalera has ears to the ground regarding current extreme music."

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Age isn't mellowing metallic mainstay Max Cavalera, nor stifling his prolific nature.

Soulfly's tenth album channels thrash and death metal's primal forebears, but unlike some contemporaries Cavalera has ears to the ground regarding current extreme music too. Tribal elements are downplayed somewhat, but Middle Eastern-esque riffs inject a sense of exoticism. Hefty grooves and flickers of accessibility (opener We Sold Our Souls To Metal) remain. Their extensive previous guest list invites new names to the party; King Parrot's Youngy screeches on Live Life Hard!; Todd Jones (Nails) enhances Sodomites' caustic delivery. The frontman's offspring also help accentuate another bruising installment.