Album Review: Sister Sin - 'Dance of the Wicked'

27 July 2013 | 5:05 pm | Staff Writer
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A stand out old school metal album.

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Swedish metal band Sister Sin graced our ears not long ago with their release in 2012 and now they are back, having re-released their first studio album, 'Dance of the Wicked.' This re-release includes all the track remastered as well as three unreleased demo tracks and two cover songs. What this album shows is the progression Sister Sin have made throughout their 10 years as a band.

The full-length presents you with hearty rock n roll and great metal chords right from the get go that pull you back to an old school sound. 'Kiss The Sky,' brings together these old school vibes with a punch. While, 'Dance of the Wicked' and 'Fall Into My Dreams' also fit together like a perfect puzzle.

The album moves onto incorporate some slower elements with an underlying sound that even feels a little glam metal. The solo in 'Love Lies' is a bit calmer than you might expect from a Swedish metal band, but it still manages to shred and really lift up the song, which in its entirety is a slower shade of rock.

The album is straight back into the pounding metal with the track 'Dirty Damn I', which features a wailing chorus that you'll find yourself singing along to, a perfect example of the sounds Sister Sin reside in.

The three demos, 'Minor You (Major Me),' 'Writing On The Wall' and 'Head Over Heels For Love' brings something different from the previous songs.

The covers include 'Paint it Black' by The Rolling Stones, which has been converted into a metal song quite successfully (evidently a popular metal cover - think The Agony Scene and The Black Dahlia Murder). The heavier sounds and the female vocals fit perfectly into this rendition.  Motorhead's 'Rock n Roll' is another successful cover, packing some series firepower. The instrumentals and vocals are again executed great. 'Rock n Roll' makes the perfect ending to the album.

The album was ideal to begin with and now the re-released version has stepped it up even more. It's packed with solid songs, and the covers are executed perfectly. 

This album is an awesome blend of heavy and glam metal. All the songs on the album fit perfectly together. It rocks, shreds and also has some slower elements mixed in, which showcase Sister Sin's talents.

1. Kiss Of The Sky

2. Dance of the Wicked

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3. Fall Into My Dream

4. End Of The Beginning (instrumental)

5. Love Lies

6. Dirty Damn I

7. Paint It Black (Rolling Stones Cover)

8. Tragedy Loves Company

9. Minor You (Major Me) (Demo)

10. Writings On the Wall (Demo)

11. Head Over Heels For Love (Demo)

12. Rock 'N Roll (Motorhead Cover With Doro)