19 February 2016 | 2:24 pm | Sun Mi Clyburn

"Evans showed there's nothing like a mouthful of meat."

Showga is the debut solo act of award-winning performer Chelsea Evans.

Based on her experience as a yoga instructor, Evans created Chakanunda Vaganunda Chikki Chikki Wa, a boisterous, (apparently) world-renowned yogi who has delusions of grandeur and a deep-seated need to be worshipped. As participants of the "Nobody Loves You, So Love Yourself" lifestyle workshop, we were taken through the five steps to attaining transformation and self love. Showga is a clever satire of yoga culture, self proclaimed health gurus and veganism. Even though the path to enlightenment seems to have a number of spiritual benefits, Evans showed there's nothing like a mouthful of meat.