Live Review: Ruby Fields, Rachel Maria Cox, Uncle Axel

4 July 2017 | 9:31 am | Sara Tamin

"She played with unmistakable confidence and proved Ruby's indeed a multi-faceted artist."

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Hudson Ballroom was filled to the brim this Thursday night - the lights dimmed and the music blared as Uncle Axel began the opening set. Ruby Fields even jumped up to play with the band, which was a really cool start to an astounding show. To follow, Rachel Maria Cox waltzed onto the stage with bare feet (in the middle of winter). Cox's style was cohesive with their music, and that music's alternative rocker vibes.

When Ruby Fields took to the stage, everyone cheered and started shifting towards her like magnets. This show was really special, as with only one song released, the young starlet managed to entice enough people to get the venue packed with punters. She ploughed through a faultless set with the sound and energy so high it was as if everyone was lost in a trance - which really is an unmistakable quality. She played a few tunes to be released on an EP later in the year, as well as a cover of the Garbage classic Cherry Lips that got everyone singing along. Fields stunned the audience with her '90s gal reminiscence. It was as if we were transported back in time and stuck inside a film like 10 Things I Hate About You, as Fields would make the perfect soundtrack to any '90s manic pixie dream life. She played with unmistakable confidence and proved she's indeed a multi-faceted artist, even when the set became mellow. She strummed out a softer tune that resembled a lullaby with complete ease before finishing up with her breakout tune, I Want, which was just as good live as it is when you jam out to it in the car when it comes onto triple j. The set was short and sweet, so the crowd were left stomping for more even when the lights came up. Until next time, Ruby Fields.