Live Review: Robbie Williams

26 October 2015 | 4:00 pm | Michael Prebeg

"He continues his mischievous behaviour and invites a female audience member to jump into bed with him on stage."

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We don't need the words of encouragement flashing on the screen to tell us to scream and cheer at the top of our lungs for the one and only Robbie Williams. The born entertainer confidently struts on to the stage and shouts out, "Let me entertain you!" It's the perfect song to begin with as we get acquainted with the charismatic larrikin.

A huge screen illuminates the backdrop and we get to see all the live action from every angle of the arena. Williams' flirtatious personality comes alive as he breaks out his cocky dance moves on the stage catwalk with plenty of crotch-grabbing for Rock DJ.

Just in case we've forgotten the words to some of his greatest hits, they show up on the screen for us to sing along with during Come Undone. The backdrop then transforms and we go to Vegas with him for Me And My Monkey as the horn section comes in and lasers stream out at the audience.

Williams keeps things fresh as he serves up some of his cheeky poems like Hello Sir and welcomes his support band Lawson back to the stage to help reminisce about his Take That boy band days with a few old favourites including Back For Good.

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His Melbourne brothers Tim Metcalfe and Flynn Francis join him side by side with acoustic guitars in hand as Williams dedicates a brand new song called Motherfucker to his son Charlie — although perhaps his three-year-old may have to wait a while to listen to the expletive-laden lyrics. The family man brings up his daddy Pete for a father/son duo of Better Man and shares a special moment together.

After showing us his sensitive side, Williams makes a quick change into a skirt to let it all hang out and of course can't help but flash his bum to the audience a few times. He continues his mischievous behaviour and invites a female audience member to jump into bed with him on stage — but not before confirming she is indeed over the age of 18.

A quick cover of Lorde's Royals, followed by Kids, has him chasing his provocative female singers around the stage and dodging giant spinning Robbie Williams-shaped mirror balls. He goes out with a bang with an epic cover of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody to raise energy levels to the highest point of the show. His entire band join him for the heartfelt Angels and some impromptu karaoke of Frank Sinatra's classic My Way. Williams proves to us that he's still got that swing when he's winning at the top of his game.