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Live Review: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Hawthorne Heights, Avastera Cupidfalls, Calm Collected

22 December 2014 | 4:51 pm | Aneta Grulichova

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus left the crowd begging in Perth.

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Calm Collected opened the night to a humble crowd with their brand new EP, Give Me Your Worst. The Perth boys played their recent hit, Nothing Like The Movies, as well as songs from their debut album, A New Set Of Troubled Friends.  

Following Calm Collected were Cupidfalls, who brought energy into the room, warming up the crowd for the following acts. Dave Lee delivered on the screams, engaging the crowed with his movements and interactions and swinging his microphone around like a kid with a new toy. With the crowd building, many sang along to songs like Hollywood and Distance (You & I).

With Hawthorne Heights not far away, the room began to buzz. Avastera started a smashing set with the crowd jumping around getting into the vibe as they performed songs from their EP, Breathing Hope, and album, The Clocks Have Ticked Too Long.

A quick sound-check before Hawthorne Heights began had the crowd beginning to sing along, taking the lead singer JT Woodruff by surprise – “That’s never happened before” – while he tuned his silver glittered and black zig-zag guitar. This was their debut in Perth, kicking off the show with Niki FM, from their debut studio album, The Silence In Black And White. They were one guitar down, thanking Virgin Australia for destroying it on the plane over. For the fans that had waited years, they finally got the songs they wanted: Silver Bullet, Wake Up Call and Speeding Up The Octaves. As Hawthorne Heights ended the set with Ohio Is For Lovers, the crowd gave it their all with hands in the air, singing.

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A sold-out show, the room filled up quickly in anticipation of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Stepping on stage wearing dark sunglasses, they opened with Damn Regret, sending the crowd into a frenzy. The atmosphere was hot, sweaty and energetic with fans singing along to crowd-pleasers Cat And Mouse, Justify and In Fate’s Hands. The band released their fourth studio album, titled 4, late last year, but fans only got to hear two songs off the album – California and The Right Direction. My Guardian Angel was sung as duet, with lead singer Ronnie Winter pulling his fiancée Angela on stage, the pair looking and sounding incredible together, sending fans whistling with excitement when the two kissed before Angela exited the stage. Due to noise restrictions, the band were obliged to smash out Misery Loves Its Company and False Pretense before wrapping up an impressively tight set with Face Down, leaving the crowded begging for an encore that never came.