Live Review: Radio Birdman, Died Pretty, The Volcanics

22 June 2017 | 4:08 pm | Zac Nichols

"It's no shock they still possess the raw energy and intensity required to put on one hell of a rock'n'roll show."

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Pioneering Aussie punk rock warlords Radio Birdman and Died Pretty burnt up the stage at the Capitol in Perth on Saturday night as part of this month's joint double headline tour. Both bands were instrumental in influencing countless bands to follow in their stride, so it's no shock they still possess the raw energy and intensity required to put on one hell of a rock'n'roll show.

Local support act The Volcanics - who have been busy finishing their fourth studio album Oh Crash - did the honours of opening the set as the crowd began filling up early in anticipation for Radio Birdman hitting the stage.

And hit the stage they did, launching straight into their cover of The 13th Floor Elevators' vintage classic You're Gonna Miss Me. What followed was a flurry of timeless Oz-punk anthems, Do The PopDescent Into The Maelstrom, What Gives?, Hand Of Law and '70s youth anthem New Race.

The boys may be getting up there in years, but this had absolutely no effect on the raw power getting slammed through the stage amps and speakers. Deniz Tek switched guitars to carve out his wailing power surf riffs, and Rob Younger pulled his trademark mic stance and his Iggy-esque stage dance.

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Front of stage, the crowd was a mix - an audience for every decade. To the sides, a real 1970s crowd relishing in times gone by, while front and centre the young kids were bouncing around, frantically thrashing their bodies and hair. They evolved into a spontaneous circle pit and crowdsurfed for the closing encore of the legendary Hawaii Five-0-inspired banger Aloha Steve And Danno and The Stooges' TV Eye. 

One short drink break later Died Pretty took the helm and there was a noticeable change in pace from the thrash-laden delivery just witnessed to a more melodic, synth-inspired sound. You could hear the pitch and tone of the '80s and early '90s through tracks DC, Sweetheart, Blue Sky Day and Satisfied.

Just as with Radio Birdman, Died Pretty are still playing like they were 30 years ago. The sound was crisp, the band was tight, and Ron Peno can still hit all those notes after all this time.

There was a definite distinction between the crowd and whichever band they turned up for, which is a great thing to witness as both bands deservedly have their own die-hard fan base. It was inspiring to see that the bands have been able to reach multiple generations. With the tenth anniversary since Radio Birdman's ARIA Hall Of Fame induction falling this year, and the recent nationwide release of their documentary Descent Into The Maelstrom, all I can say to the past generation is: Get out, get nostalgic, get on this month's national tour; and to the current generation (in the words of Radio Birdman) "There's gonna be a new race, kids are gonna start it up!"