Album Review: Polish Club - Polish Club

20 October 2015 | 4:08 pm | Carley Hall

"Polish Club come out all guns blazing on their debut."

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What a smile this teasing EP brings to one's face.

Sydney duo Polish Club come out all guns blazing on their debut EP with an intensely likeable fusion of gritty rock and Motown skuzz, and pump out an American swagger that is instantly ear-catching. Single Did Somebody Tell Me reeled plenty in on its rounds of the airwaves, but there's a lot more gold to be unearthed on the six-track wonder. Able is sparse but moving with Novak's soul-driven vocals, Beeping nails the chord surf rock riffage, and Don't Fuck Me Over, of course, bursts with attitude. It's brash, loud, messy, slightly derivative but full of so much heart.