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Live Review: Polaris, Deadlights, Daybreak, Belle Haven

24 October 2017 | 11:33 am | Harrison Schultz

"The entire performance was passionate and impressive, with some seriously damn good music."

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The heavy music scene in Australia is pretty goddamn hot right now and metalcore band Polaris may as well be at the centre of it. Friday night the boys from Sydney took to the stage at Fowlers Live, supported by Belle Haven, Deadlights and Daybreak and gave Adelaide a taste of their destructive perfection.

Entering Fowlers you're first going to notice the walls, covered in merch and posters collected over the years from brilliant bands. Then you'll smell the beer (don't even try to get something that's not Coopers, it's all SA brand here). Finally, you'll discover the gradual temperature change the closer you get to the stage. Once you're up close it's like standing inside a working kitchen and you know what they say, if you can't stand the heat...

That heat was immensely intensified when Belle Haven took the stage. Originating from Melbourne, formed in defiance of mental illness and to stand up against it, they rushed the stage and blew it apart with an insanely energetic stage presence.

With well over half of the night gone, it was hard to tell if the heavy essence in the air was sweat or anticipation for Polaris to show us all what they're capable of. After delivering one of the best heavy EPs of 2016 - The Guilt & The Grief - the boys from Polaris have enjoyed a serious run of success, from locking in huge tours to announcing their new album The Mortal Coil. Leading with The Remedy, there was no messing about when it came to be showing off why they have been so successful. The crowd simply lost their shit!

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Following the successful single the crowd was treated to a range of songs, each delivered as well as the last, including No Rest, Consume and two brand new songs from the album. The sound did not disappoint and gave a promising glimpse towards the album drop this November.

Rounding out the show with an encore, the entire performance was passionate and impressive, with some seriously damn good music. As far as heavy gigs go, this was amongst the best in Adelaide this year!