Live Review: Pist Idiots, Concrete Surfers, Boing Boing

17 August 2018 | 1:32 pm | Nicolas Huntington

"The crowd erupts in the mosh like a pack of dogs let loose, shouting to heaven with middle fingers up before each chorus sends them into another frenzy."

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Punk shows on a Thursday night are a real treat when you have some of the hungriest musicians in the Australian scene playing. Pist Idiots are launching their latest EP Princes at The Foundry alongside a slew of hardworking QLD talent. Pist Idiots are extremely passionate about the art of pub rock and this is no different for the supporting bands.

Opening are far north QLD's finest pub punks Boing Boing, this four-piece are seemingly inescapable at the moment, playing plenty of support slots for quality bands such as VOIID and The Chats. While you could easily make comparisons between their sound and The Chats, there's something about the brash slacker riffs of SMBYFP that puts Boing Boing into their own category.

As is the classic case in Brisbane, the crowd numbers were not spectacular for the first opener, but once Concrete Surfers jumped on stage the room changed. These fellas have been red-hot of late, with recent single VCR blowing up. While it was Pist Idiots' album launch, Concrete Surfers may have stolen the show with their energy. We've never seen a band so pumped on stage, and why wouldn't they be? They are just a bunch of young guys making it happen - what an inspiration.

Pist Idiots are still rising through the ranks of the Australian indie-punk scene, but in Brisbane they have a passionate group of fans. With only two EPs under their belt, the "Pisties" have already crafted plenty of singalong favourites. Opening with a slew of new tracks from Princes before launching into the first of their mega-singalongs for Fuck Off, a true example of Australian punk done right. The crowd erupts in the mosh like a pack of dogs let loose, shouting to heaven with middle fingers up before each chorus sends them into another frenzy. Usually, tracks that get this sort of response are saved for the finale, but Pist Idiots just have that many killer tracks. Jumping straight into new single Smile, the crowd answers accordingly with an even bigger mosh.

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Track after track of Pist Idiots gold rings out through The Foundry, as punters tear each other apart. All of it culminates in the infectious bravado of Leave It At That, a fitting track to end the show, especially with the celebration that ensues on stage. Members of The Chats run out for a go on the mic before heading into the crowd... Or at least over the crowd. It's crazy to think 40 minutes has passed. Pist Idiots have a long way to go until they get the sort of turnout they deserve, but with the passion they have, it's a given that you'll be hearing a lot more about these fellas in the next year.