Live Review: Pierce The Veil, Silverstein, Beartooth, Storm The Sky

30 August 2016 | 10:55 am | Aneta Grulichova

"Fuentes pulled up a lucky, shy fan onto stage to be serenaded during Bulletproof Love."

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Storm The Sky warm up the crowd for the last leg of Pierce The Veil's Australian tour, kicking off the set with Carcinova. Apart from Alive, the guys mainly performed songs from their new album Sin Will Find You which was well-received by the adoring crowd.

Beartooth turned things up a notch with their metalcore tunes The Lines and Aggressive, which saw the young crowd jumping to Taylor Lumley's commands. In Between and Body Bag's killer guitar riffs and piercing screams kept the crowd entertained.

Stand Amid The Roar launched the set for Canada's Silverstein, with incredible screams and heavy guitar riffs before getting into Milestone and Smashed Into Pieces. Lead singer Shane Told invited Beartooth's Taylor Lumley up to scream alongside him for Vices; the two battled each other out with their roars.

As the theatre darkened, guitarist Tony Perry graced the stage to open a treasure chest, which sent the crowd squealing even louder than before. Pierce The Veil launched into Dive In from their Misadventures album with the guitars blaring and confetti covering the adoring crowd.  

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Texas Is Forever got the energy going, being the fastest song from the group with its crazy guitar riffs and humble lyrics before Vic Fuentes shot bassist Jaime Preciado with his guitar. After The Divine Zero, Fuentes pulled up a lucky, shy fan onto stage to be serenaded during Bulletproof Love.

With acoustic guitars in hand the band launched into Kissing In Cars, almost like they were serenading the crowd, who sung along to every word as they waved their hands in the air. The Charlie & The Chocolate Factory theme song rang out, with the boys taking over with songs May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep Tonight, Hell Above and Bulls In The Bronx from Collide With The Sky. "Perth, this show is redemption for 2013's Soundwave where we got cut," Fuentes screams as he launched into Stained Glass EyesColourful Tears.

The theatre became engulfed with the chant "One more song," after Hold On Till May was not enough for the hungry crowd. Gracing the stage again the guys launched into their new single Circles. With colourful confetti filling the air for one last time, Pierce The Veil ended the night on a high with King For A Day giving it all their energy with more confetti to finish off an incredible set.