Live Review: Paul Dempsey, Fall Electric

5 May 2015 | 12:34 pm | Blake Byrne

"He received applause in response to telling everyone talking to shut the fuck up"

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Longing for another visit, fellow Perthians quickly flocked to Rosemount to yet another sold-out Dempsey show.

With a strange sense of humour and the compositional skills of geniuses, Fall Electric played and joked their way into the hearts of Dempsey fans round the room. The guitar/viola-based duo incorporated progressive elements into effect-heavy Southern rock/folk-inspired songs. They made mention of the sound guy, stating that he has more energy than all the batteries in the world. From their abrupt shift in dynamics, sombre viola trembles to the abrasive overdrive being produced by the relic Fender amp through an acoustic guitar, these two guys are a must see for any alternative music fans.

Embarking on a three-show May tour, Paul Dempsey had returned to Perth to showcase and test out some new tracks in his ongoing effort to blow the crowd away while indulging in his own songs written just the way he likes them – solo. Dempsey peered out from behind the door before entering the stage to the usual theatrical crowd, beginning with Have You Fallen Out Of Love?, then playing a new song titled Be Somebody, which he mentioned was really quiet – he received applause in response to telling everyone talking to shut the fuck up. He proceeded to play Out The Airlock before pointing out that it would become apparent to the audience that when he covered I Want To Break Free, they would have the chance to become a synthesiser-impersonator ensemble.

Thanking the support act, Dempsey mentioned that guitarist/singer Andrew Ryan is also in the best band to come out of Perth, Adam Said Galore. The humble giant busted out two more off his debut solo album, Ramona Was A Waitress and Take Us To Your Leader, and then a late Something For Kate hit, Star-Crossed Citizens, before presenting us with another new one, Lifetime Supply. A lady offered Dempsey a cold beer to which he replied, “Have you ever been a tour manager?” INXS was next on the set list, Dempsey playing Never Tear Us Apart, followed by We’ll Never Work In This Town Again and his last official song, Bird In A Basement. Dempsey’s version of an encore was to sit drinking beer on the stage before returning to play SFK’s Private Rain, David Bowie’s Ashes To Ashes and his own Safety In Numbness. Paul Dempsey still chooses to play pub gigs and puts his heart into every show big or small.

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