Live Review: OutsideIn Festival

1 December 2014 | 1:58 pm | Hattie O’Donnell

OutsideIn's third year was a hit at Manning Bar.

Uni and work are winding down for the year, which means summer festivals are amping up and OutsideIn is no exception (but for the fact that it’s not strictly held in summer). Celebrating its third year, this event boasted a handpicked smorgasbord of local and international electronic acts.

Held in the heart of Sydney Uni at Manning House, the atmosphere was amazing. Everyone seemed to be in a great place, and because of the smaller number of people attending there was an incredibly low percentage of festival dickheads. Manning House seems a bit of a bizarre setting at first, but ultimately lends a cool wonderland-ish kind of vibe to the day. It’s probably best described as a giant electro house party, so if that’s your jam, do not miss out next year.

Standout acts of the day included Brenmar, who had everyone losing it to some solid ‘80s and ‘90s remixes in what looked like a beautiful mess of day drunk and probably a whole lotta drugs.

Oscar Key Sung and Collarbones ripped it up and pulled some seriously great moves on stage. Basenji turned the bass up LOUD and had everyone dancing in the sun during his late afternoon set.

Giraffage was amazing as always, mixing his signature synth beats to projections of puppy gifs and 8-bit animations; a definite crowd-pleaser.

No Zu brought the much-needed presence of some female musicians and repped some killer vocals and drums. You’d be forgiven for thinking these amazing freaks were from Brazil, but instead, hailing from Melbourne, the seven band members onstage had all of Manning Bar dancing like we were at a Rio street party.

Seekae walked out to The Boys Are Back In Town, which was both hilarious and entirely appropriate considering their reputation as kings of the Sydney electro scene. And that’s not even half of the crazy talent that was on offer yesterday. Co-ordinated by the talented folks at Astral People, OutsideIn is the perfect way to ring in summer. With new tunes to be discovered around every corner, OutsideIn is a friendly festival with an upbeat but relaxed vibe, danceable tunes and excellent times – what more could you want? This day is well worth saving your pennies for.