Album Review: Orpheus Omega - 'Partum Vita Mortem'

3 August 2015 | 1:59 pm | Staff Writer
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Orpheus Omega take the melodic death metal genre and turn it on its fucking head.

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As a beautiful orchestral track guides you into the blistering yet melodic hour long journey that is ‘Partum Vita Mortem’, Orpheus Omega deliver a thunderous performance on their latest, third studio album. The Melbournians have been chipping away at the underground scene since their inception, showcasing their nostalgic brand of melodic death metal, and while it does remind listeners of Gothenburg’s glory days, it is not without its own charms, something that makes this a purely Orpheus Omega album.

Conception’ opens the record, and is the aforementioned orchestral piece that draws you in, only to transition into the monolith that is ‘I, Architect’, a gutsy, straight-forward melodic-death track with inspiring riffs, eclectic, guttural vocals and powerful drumming. The album continues, showing influence from the genre’s classics such as In Flames and Dark Tranquility. Each track intertwines perfectly into each other while still remaining dynamic and interesting. Progressing with 'Practice Makes Pathetic', an extended keyboard/riff duel is introduced between guitarists Chris Themelco, who also provides lead vocals, Joao Goncalves and keyboardist Keswick Gallagher before rushing into a five-minute epic that only solidifies the intensity and complexity of the album. 'Our Reminder' follows later with a main riff that draws influence from folk metal and engages the listener before allowing fans to catch their breath for mere seconds in the middle section. Lead single ‘Beacons’ is simply a relentless track that shows Orpheus Omega at their best. From their most heavy to their most technical, dual clean/harsh vocals and complex instrumentation, this is the track that defines the band. And when you think it can’t get better, 'Echoes Through Infinity' ushers itself in and from its piano-laden intro to its epic climax, the track proves that ‘Partum Vita Mortem’ is an unstoppable force throwing anything and everything at you.

Comparatively, the album’s closer 'Silence, The I' is the ideal curtain call, closing out in climactic fashion - there is nothing held back as Orpheus Omega prove one last time that they are one of the most fascinating and unique bands around at the moment. Every member proves they are unbelievably skilled at what they do; both at their technical skill as well as their ability to compose songs and churn out track after track of dynamic and in your face music. 

'Partum Vita Mortem' is a gem in an otherwise almost forgotten genre. While bigger bands struggle to remain constant in an unforgiving genre, and local bands strive to make waves in such a scene, Orpheus Omega have graced fans of heavy music everywhere with what truly could be one of 2015’s most interesting takes on heavy metal by a local band. This band will definitely continue to see big things coming their way, and it's already begun as they have just embarked on a national tour, recently sharing the stage with local melodic death metal legends Be’Lakor. 'Partum Vita Mortem' is unmistakable. We implore all fans of heavy music to at least check it out.

1. Conception

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2. I, Architect

3. Karma Favours the Weak

4. Practice Makes Pathetic

5. Our Reminder

6. Unravelling Today

7. Breath’s Burden

8. Tomorrow’s Fiends & Yesterday’s Ghosts

9. Beacons

10. Echoes Through Infinity

11. Revel in Oblivion

12. Kharon

13. Silence, The I