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Live Review: Oh Wonder, PLGRMS

8 January 2016 | 10:50 am | Emma McConnell

"Oh Wonder were greeted with tumultuous applause by the endearing crowd, approval which continued throughout their lengthy set."

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Indie electronic act PLGRMS began the night right, warming up the otherwise wet and dreary Wednesday. The duo comprising vocalist Toma Banjanin and musical all-rounder Jonathan Bowden led a short but sweet six-track set that illustrated their versatile onstage ability. Highlights included a rich and dreamy original number, as well as an eloquent cover of MGMT's hit Electric Feel. The particularly charismatic Banjanin announced that this was their second ever live show, a surprising revelation considering the seamless performance by the band. Their 2015 debut single Pieces proved a fitting summation, exemplifying their extensive musical dexterity despite PLGRMS being a relatively new act.

Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West of Oh Wonder were greeted with tumultuous applause by the endearing crowd, approval which continued throughout their lengthy set. The London-based pop duo were taken aback by their Sydney fans, evident by their sold out show and the perpetually captivated audience. The set comprised tracks from their debut self-titled album which predominantly features harmonised lyrics extensively backed by striking piano melodies that effortlessly combine to create their signature sound. Tracks such as Livewire and Dazzle were simple and effective with lo-fi undertones providing the perfect backdrop to the delicate vocals. Body Gold, the first song Oh Wonder produced and released, was another crowd favourite, mellow yet subtle in its composition. Landslide was a great precursor to an interlude in the set in which Vander Gucht announced an engagement between two of their fans present in the audience. This declaration was quickly confirmed as applause erupted for the happy couple. Hit Without You summarised the intimate moment perfectly with its delightful chorus and charming arrangement. Oh Wonder returned on stage armed with only a guitar to perform Midnight Moon, a song with playful back-and-forth lyrics that was meticulous and quite beautiful. With the stage backlit by a neon 'OW', the audience was certainly as impressed as the duo themselves, who were clearly humbled by the positive response they received throughout their performance.