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Live Review: Oh Wonder, Tora

26 February 2018 | 11:18 am | Michael Prebeg

"The audience throws their hands up in the air for the ultimate feel-good moment and we feed off each other's energy during 'High On Humans'."

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Tora are having a rough day. From the moment their plane landed and they proceeded to pick up their hire car, they had a run of bad luck that all came to a head during tonight's set. Firstly, their van didn't get to the venue on time and then everything started to fall apart when Tora then encountered laptop issues.

The band do everything they can to survive the unfortunate situation by bringing a good vibe to the stage with beautiful, sweeping falsettos and likeable hooks, but after only a couple of songs their computer has a meltdown and they're forced to pull the pin. "After tonight we're going to buy a new laptop and then bring four laptops with us next time just in case this happens again," says lead singer Jo Loewenthal. He promises they'll come back and do another show to make up for it soon.

A colourful backdrop brightens up the theatre with glowing neon letters "O.W". Livewire is the perfect introduction to welcome London-based alt-pop duo Oh Wonder. Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West instantly elevate us to a higher frequency with their radiating presence. "It's Friday night, who's feeling good?" shouts West. The crowd responds by singing along at the top of their lungs during the uplifting track Lifetimes. "This is already one of my favourite moments of 2018," says Vander Gucht, who mistakenly thinks he said it's Saturday. Nevertheless, everyone is excited for the weekend.

They go big during the chorus of crowd-favourite Without You by adding some electrifying strobe lighting to supercharge their passionate vocal delivery. This duo is the perfect pairing and they complement each other so beautifully with each harmony showing off their delicate melodies. A digital voiceover repeatedly asks us, "Melbourne, are you ready?" The audience throws their hands up in the air for the ultimate feel-good moment and we feed off each other's energy during High On Humans.

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Vander Gucht recounts a memory from when they first came to Melbourne five years ago for New Year's Eve and dined at a restaurant in the city, just around the corner from where they play tonight. Coincidentally, they've come full circle since we're told they wound up at the same place before their show tonight. "The world is very weird and wonderful but if you celebrate it, never give up and do your best - that's all you can ask for," she instructs. They continue with All We Do, which acknowledges the importance of looking after yourself and following your dreams. Oh Wonder imparts all of their remaining positive vibes during Ultralife and it's impossible to leave the concert without feeling a rush of happiness charging through your heart and soul.